Recently I've been asked a few times about the status of the Salt book that I am writing. People seem pretty eager to get their hands on it, but I've been quite slow to actually write the book. There are multiple reasons for this but primarily it boils down to a limited number of hours in the day where I'm not working my day job, and a desire to also do other things than just work on Salt.

I figured I'd make this post so that people could more easily follow the progress of the book, and get an understanding of how I plan to release it.

Let's start with tracking the progress of the book. You can currently star the repo (, and I've recently marked my Trello board as public ( so people can follow progress there if they want to as well.

I've also been asked about translations and licensing, first off my plan with the book is to have it totally open source, thus the directory structure which allows for more languages, as well as an MIT license. My goal is to publish the book in as many languages as possible with the help of those in the community. I have no plans to hire translation services.

Regarding the cost of the book my plan has been and will continue to be that it is available for free (another reason I don't work on it that much, I don't exactly expect to get rich off of it). I plan on making it available via HTML, EPUB, PDF, and whatever other formats people want. I'll also probably put it on the Amazon store, but it will be sold without DRM, and most likely for a dollar since I think that's as low as they'll let you go. I haven't researched that much since there hasn't been a point to do so.

There have been questions regarding the books length and content. What you see in the repo is probably all that I'll write for this first book, as I plan to ensure it's taking you through what you need to know. Length wise it will probably be on the shorter side (100 pages MAX), since I don't like lengthy books that drone on and on about every little detail, that's what the documentation is for!

So the biggest questions, what is the time line for the book? When will the book be done? The honest answer is I don't know. I enjoy working on it, but have a particular writing style which takes some time on my part to properly write, and I enjoy writing where there is a sense of purpose and a goal to achieve as opposed to a set of steps that leave you with nothing in the end.

Okay so that's pretty much it for the update, I hope this has answered any questions you might have. Please keep in mind that if you're looking for a book sooner than this one, both Colton and Tom at SaltStack plan on releasing books through different publishers, so there should be some good options out there in the following months!