There’s a small subset of people who suffer from tinnitus and also enjoy watching people speedrun old video games and I’m one of them. The unfortunate downside here is that many of these speedrunners do so on old school TVs and if your hearing is decent there is a perceptible whining at 15750Hz for US TVs (for more info on this please see Tom Scott’s excellent YouTube video that discusses this topic further). This sound is pretty annoying and triggers my tinnitus badly. Thankfully I watch Twitch via Streamlink which I also help maintain. We support a variety of video players, and one of those players happens to be MPV which supports many FFMPEG options.

Today I decided to figure out whether it was possible to remove this sound from streams I watch and it is. By using FFMPEG’s bandreject you can remove these sounds with the following Streamlink command:

streamlink -p 'PATH_TO_MPV\mpv --af=lavfi="[bandreject=15750:t=h:w=2000]"'

If you want to set this at all times you can do so via the player option in your Streamlink config file.

You can reduce the w value down to 1000 and still remove it, but I couldn’t tell if it was removing all of the noise or not, I bumped it to 2000 and saw no negative impact so I’m keeping it at that to be safe. Hopefully this is helpful for other people who like to watch these sorts of streams but suffer from tinnitus and can hear this very annoying frequency.