In 2017 I finished about 18 books and I decided my goal for 2018 was to finish 48 books. This is a pretty hefty increase but thanks to library related services it made trying to hit this goal much easier. In total for 2018 I attempted to read 43 books and finished 28 of those books. I was able to explore a fair number of genres and styles I wouldn't usually be interested in. This did however lead to the abysmal rate of failure above unfortunately of 15 books I didn't finish.

For 2019 I'm not sure if I'll try to keep up this rate of reading. As 2018 progressed it became harder and harder to find books I was really interested in and this negatively impacted my progress to a degree. Around September I spent almost 2 hours trying to find new books to read that seemed really interesting to me and I wasn't able to do so. As of January 17th I haven't finished a single book, and the audio book I'm listening to is barely started. For now I'm just going to try and finish what I have and then go from there. I'm glad I tried to read so many books and am pleased with my progress.

If anything I was able to find what kind of books I know I'm not interested in which will be very useful for new book searches in the future.