Traffic to my blog has slowly been increasing lately so I figured it was time to see about potential ad placement to help offset hosting costs which I talked about in my Cloudflare migration post. The only ad provider I could find that satisfied my admittedly stringent requirements in terms of visitor privacy was Ethical Ads. It's from the team behind Read the Docs and I'm very impressed by their dedication to respecting visitors as outlined in their advertising vision. I am unwilling to compromise visitor privacy and security just to make money and the team at Ethical Ads seems to reflect this mindset.

Having said that for anyone who is using an ad blocker feel free to continue doing so and don't feel obligated to turn it off for this site as both No Script and Ublock Origin block traffic from Ethical Ads by default. Ethical Ads is currently the only non-hungryadmin resource that this site fetches. All other resources including images, minified JS, and even the fonts are server directly from to protect visitors. If at some point they offer a static image self hosted option I will consider implementing that as well since I've tried to make the ad placement as non-intrusive as possible (it's over there on the right below the Links in the event you're blocking ads).

I've created a publicly available repository here which I'll leave active for a while in case anyone has concerns. You can open an issue if you have feedback.

I'll also do a follow up post in a few months to discuss site traffic, ad views, the click through rate, etc. My hope is that ads can once again be a reasonable way to help pay for hosting costs without negatively impacting visitors.