I recently migrated all my static sites to Cloudflare to try and save some money and reduce my overhead in terms of work I'm doing. One of the sites I moved was Bulk Eats which stands in as a sort of meal prep cookbook that I decided to make publicly available for people. The site was launched in July of 2017 and I decided to add a few Amazon referral links to try and make it profitable. In the past 3 years I've made around $50 from the site so it wasn't bringing in huge amounts of money.

With Amazon's actions in the past two years I decided it was time for some changes in how I approach Amazon as an individual. The first was to cancel Amazon Prime, I did this almost 2 years ago and it was a great decision. I still do have to use Amazon occasionally to purchase goods I can't find elsewhere (I've placed 2 orders so far in 2020) but for the most part I'm able to buy direct, purchase from smaller sites, or purchase products locally. I've been spending less overall as well this way since it's more of a hassle to buy things.

When I migrated my sites to Cloudflare I also decided it was time to drop Amazon Associates. This hadn't been as big a deal to me before since I wasn't directly giving Amazon money to buy goods but their treatment of warehouse workers during this pandemic pushed me over the edge. I canceled my Amazon Associates account and closed it out for good. I also removed the small recruiting book I wrote from their Kindle store and shut down my KDP account.

For now I've made The IT Recruiter's Field Manual available via Gumroad as a PDF and will likely only sell through such storefronts going forward.