I decided to play around with Powerline some more after a talk by Corey Quinn at this year's SeaGL conference in Seattle. I quickly learned that setting this up is a real pain in the ass. This is primarily because the documentation is not very good, and the documentation for the plugin I was most interested in (powerline-gitstatus) happens to be even worse. With some tinkering and help from Jakub's powerline repo (https://github.com/jkubrynski/powerline-git-theme) I was able to get things up and running, so I'm going to go through it here to make sure others don't have to suffer. I should note I'm using a bash shell.

Start by installing powerline using these docs:


The installation docs are actually pretty good, it's the config docs that are confusing. When you restart your terminal after performing the install you should now see the powerline prompt. Install powerline-gitstatus (do not use the provided config files):


A .config directory for powerline should have been created, if it wasn't for some reason create the powerline directory inside your .config directory.

Once you've created the powerline directory copy the contents from my repo in the powerline directory to your powerline directory:


The key file that no one seems to mention is the config.json. This will force the actual changes to take effect, and without this file you'll still be using the default configuration. While that may work I prefer everything aligned on the left side of the screen.

Once this is complete check to make sure the linting is fine with powerline-lint and if everything looks fine restart the daemon with powerline-daemon --replace. You should now see the status of the git repo on the powerline prompt when you're in a repo directory.