I was really busy with job interviews in September (will save that for another post) so I only managed to make it through two books this month. Like I noted last month it didn't help that I did a poor job managing my queue from the library. The books that I did finish I read in only a few days each so the passion to read is still there ten months after starting this which is good to know.

Iron Gold

This is the first in a new series continuing the universe in the "Red Rising" trilogy. I've read the first three books and enjoyed them quite a bit. Iron Gold wasn't quite as enjoyable and I think a lot of that had to do with the idea of so many stories going on at the same time. The book follows 4 different individuals where some stories are entwined and others are not. While the narrative wasn't too disjointed it also didn't create the same kind of connection with the characters and drive to really plow through the book because you are constantly wondering what happens next. It also ended on a bit of a cliff hanger which is a personal pet peeve for me. I understand it's a continuing story, but I don't see why books need to have cliffhangers, it just seems pointless and kind of cheap execution wise. Overall a pretty enjoyable read that doesn't capture the magic of the original trilogy though I'll probably read the next book whenever it's out.

Lock In

A relatively short (about 300 pages, so only a few hours to read through) near-future novel that I really enjoyed. It has some fun tech/IT related ideas that make sense in the universe even though they have a somewhat sci-fi bend. The characters and story are pretty interesting and while it is self contained it has the set up for more novels in the universe (and I've already put the second on hold). It falls more into a mystery/thriller style than some of the other books I've read recently but I found the story to be a page turner and the characters to be interesting and well written in their humanity. I finished the whole thing in less than 24 hours which is a very good sign to me in terms of how interesting ri find the content. I'd definitely recommend Lock In for those who like John Scalzi and won't talk about too many more details for fear of spoiling the book.