June was a pretty busy month due to looking for a job and the associated interviews and studying but I was still able to get some reading in. I've been having a pretty hard time reading non-fiction books but tried again this month, it went about as well as I expected (poorly).

Waking Gods

The second book in the associated trilogy. I listened to the audiobook in just a few days and greatly enjoyed it. The style of storytelling where much of the interaction is a series of interviews and conversations between characters continues to be fresh. I've got the third book in my library queue and can't wait to listen to the conclusion. I can only hope the third book is as good as the first two have been and won't say too much to keep from spoiling it.

Travels with Charley in Search of America

I only finished this because it was relatively short. but it has the style of the era where there's a lot of book about very little, you're no more engaged on the first page than the last page. It felt like the kind of story a boring relative you only seen once every few years would tell you about and just kept going and going, but it went nowhere. I wouldn't recommend this book at all.

Wild Swans

Talk about a slog. I made it through about 100 pages of this book before I put it down. It's been a very long time since I've been so bored reading about history. I was hoping for an interesting look at China during the cultural revolution and instead I got far too much history about a family (and I honestly have a difficult time assuming some of it wasn't made up as some is second or third hand). After 100 pages I was still reading about the author's grandmother. Instead of reading a book about the cultural revolution through the eyes of a family, it felt more like it was simply talking about how the cultural revolution impacted them and their hardships. While this may be interesting to some I don't find the type of mud hut a person lived in, or who their second husband, his profession, and what the feelings of the extended family were to be of particular interest. I don't feel like the excessive amount of mind numbingly dull details did anything to push the story around and wouldn't recommend this book either.