I've been trying to read more recently and finished about 18 books last year. I am aiming for 4 books a month this year. I figured I might as well do a quick review of what I've been reading and only made it through 3 books in January unfortunately. I'm not going to include technical books related to my job here as those can justify their own full reviews in most cases.


This was the first book I read in 2018 as I've noticed this is a failing I have and in my goal to become a more well rounded individual it seemed like an easy area to improve. Several common sense techniques were discussed but a few related to memorization and characterization I was unfamiliar with and I've been using these to remember the names of people I meet more easily. Overall this was definitely worth the time it took to read and perform the included exercises.


The follow up from Andy Weir after his very enjoyable book The Martian was only okay. It felt like a book written for an eventual movie deal and the characters were much more one dimensional and immature than his previous book. There was still some hard science, but I didn't enjoy it nearly as much due to the immaturity of the main character and huge amount of tense scenarios that felt like overkill. A bit of a let down after The Martian.

Oathbringer - Book 3 of The Stormlight Archive

I've listened to the previous two as audio books and did the same for this one. At nearly 45 hours at 1x speed (I listen at 1.5x) this was definitely some work to get through but was immensely enjoyable and I look forward to the next book when it comes out in 2020. I'm not a huge fantasy fan but these really do it for me and the characters are excellent. I cried, I laughed, and my imagination was driven wild with the visuals my brain was able to conjure thanks to the words in this masterpiece of literature. So descriptive and enthralling that I spent over 12 hours listening to the audio book in a single weekend. If that doesn't say something then I don't know what does.