This month I only finished 2 books and both of those were completed in the first week of February. I'll discuss the other books I didn't finish as well since there were 2 of them. This was a pretty bad month simply because I read a couple of books that weren't enjoyable and felt that my time was wasted which I hate doing when I read. Previously I gave books 100 pages for the story to get going and interest to be established and I'm going to drop that to 50 going forward.

The Collapsing Empire

I finished this book within the first few days of February, it was alright. Typically I enjoy Scalzi's writing a lot but this one wasn't quite up to his normal quality to me. It might be due to this being the first in a new universe, but things still felt a bit slow. It may have also been the fact there was a lot of politics involved in this novel and I'm a bit burned out on that topic currently.

Sleeping Giants

I listened to the audio book version of Sleeping Giants and it was really enjoyable. The book takes on a narrative structure of each chapter being an interview between people and this lead to something that was quite different. I enjoyed the story as well, though there was a small romance plot which would have been nice to avoid since it added unnecessary drama instead of focusing on the main mystery and investigation that takes place throughout.

City of Stairs

I read about 100 pages into this book before giving up because nothing was happening. It took 100 pages to confer about 30 pages worth of information and I simply grew tired of it. This book is nearly 500 pages and there was no way I was going to be able to slog through the rest of it. The universe is interesting but the characters are not. It's really tough to describe it because it's as though the book gave too much information, but nothing happened with that information.

Leviathan Wakes

I was wary upon checking this one out simply because it was being made into a show on SyFy and most of what they produce is garbage. I figured it was worth a shot and made it through 200 pages of this book (it's another 500 page book) before I gave up. Everything was just too convenient, too rote, and so dull. The main characters were the typical flawed hero, and upon reading the synopsis I could only let out a sigh of relief knowing that I avoided what was coming instead of wasting my time reading it. There's a reason this is being turned into a show on SyFy and an original story and creativity isn't that reason.