This was the last month of year and I came in under my monthly goal again. Due to a combination of not being able to find anything I was really passionate about reading coupled with the general end of year activities that can either limit or increase how much a person reads. I was in the former category this year and read less over the break.


Another Brandon Sanderson book which is actually made of up three novellas. I thought Legion was pretty interesting. The main character has a sort of multiple personality disorder that manifests itself as different characters which was interesting and added mystery to the stories. These novellas were pretty short so I'm just counting all of them together since that's how I read them. I was pretty pleased with the trilogy though I don't think it would be a universe I would be interested in reading more about as what I read was just right for me.

A Walk in the Woods

This was an divisive book by Bill Bryson for me. It's basically a narrative of him hiking parts of the Appalachian Trail. I enjoyed the parts of the book talking about his journey along the trail but found other portions to be somewhat lackluster. While the journey is interesting he goes off the rails all the time with various tidbits of information about various people, places, and other tangentially related quips. If he had stuck to just his time on the trail the book would have been at least 50% shorter I imagine. So while I found the book to be pretty good there were parts that definitely dragged I could easily have done without.


An older cyberpunk style book that imagines what our future might look like, I thought I'd give this a chance. Sadly I hated the main character and found the world to be a bit underwhelming. A lot of this is due to the impact Neuromancer had on works that came after it but it just didn't impress me and I only read for about an hour before getting bored, putting it down, and never coming back to it. If you really want to journey back to a book that inspired future works it's worth taking a look at with the understanding it will be somewhat limited. Otherwise I would skip Neuromancer.

Only Human

This is the third book in Sylvain Neuvel's trilogy and I barely made it through 1/4 of the audio book before giving up. The previous two were pretty good but there's so much focus on humanity in this one it's not very interesting. On top of that many of the new characters introduced as well as some of the existing characters are annoying, whiny, and downright boring to hear about. I really wish I could say that I finished this since I invested time into the other two books but I just couldn't. I ended up reading a plot synopsis and it made me even happier that I didn't spend more time on this one. Very underwhelming and very disappointing. The things we don't care about get too much attention, and the things we are actually interested in after the last book are almost completely ignored.