Between enjoying the outdoors and job interviews I didn't read as much as I would have liked in August. I really need to do a better job of planning when I add items to my library queue as I'm not planning far enough ahead (something which I am sure will bite me next month as well). I only made it through one book, and failed to finish another this month.

The Final Empire

After reading everything that's currently available in The Way of Kings series I decided to take a look at some of Sanderson's other work. The Final Empire is the first in a pretty long series it seems, and I enjoyed this one quite a bit. The audio book is just over 24 hours long, which is pretty short compared to books from The Way of Kings and I plowed through it in only 7 days. The story was really good (though a bit similar to The Way of Kings in terms of universe), the characters were interesting, and the plot wasn't contrived. Definitely worth your time especially if you like other Sanderson novels.

Ancillary Justice

This month's big letdown. It won the Hugo and the Nebula awards in 2014, so I gave it more than my customary "this book is pretty dull" 50 pages, and pushed that to nearly 150 pages before I decided I was done. The story feels poorly paced, the characters aren't very interesting, and it simply felt like nothing was happening in the story. 150 pages in and it felt like I was still in the first few chapters of content. Too much backstory that didn't make the characters better, and too little plot development. I was really bummed by this one based on how many awards it won.