I would consider April a total failure for reading. At the beginning of the month I decided I wanted to try and focus on more self improvement and reflection style books, but hadn't checked many of these out on time, and wasn't very motivated to read. I only finished one book and got most of the way through a second.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

One of the weirder books I've ever read, it talks about keeping your living space clean, organizing it, etc. I was hoping to get something out of this book and the biggest thing was just throwing away some boxes I don't really need any more. Past that there was far too much of a spiritual aspect to this book and it felt weird to me. Overall the book had a few good take aways but if you're keeping your place clean and organized, not hoarding items and generally picking up after yourself I don't feel it can improve on much that you're doing. This one was only okay and the spiritual aspect to tidying was simply too much for me.


A book by Marcus Aurelius that goes into some portions of stoicism, I don't have a ton left in this book but am moving through it very slowly. The book isn't written like a novel but simply journal entries, and even at that they are quite terse so it's been slow going. Some of the information is worthwhile but much of it simply boils down to being a good person every day which I already strive to do. I hope to finish it this month.